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You can change your profile information at any time.

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Personal Message

This feature is available on the Expert Plan or Higher.

Write a personalized message that we will add to the end of each text that comes with your content. Need inspiration? Please, check the section below to learn more.

Your Signature is additional text that will appear under the captions of each of your posts from PlizPlaz. It is an opportunity for you to add personalized information, like contact details or a tagline. Your signature will be the same on all the posts that we´ll post for you, and can be changed, edited or removed at any time from your Account page in PlizPlaz.

  • You can add a call to action, like “Call me”, or some other catchy phrase.
  • You can add your phone number and emojis.
  • If you add your email address or a website address, those won't be active links.
  • Your signature text cannot state nor imply that any of the images are actual listings; nor that they represent your work as a photographer, designer, architect, or any other activity; nor that they were taken by you.
  • Any potentially offensive or discriminatory text will be rejected.

Changes can take up to 48 hours to be visible in your posts.

NOTE: Because of character number limitations, your signature won't show up in content posted on Twitter.