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Save time& become thego-to Agent

Automated Posts, Reels & TikToksfor the Smart Real Estate Agent

Posted for you on:

POWERED BY PlizPlaz Logo

Save time &become the go-to agent

Automated Posts, Reels & TikToksfor the Smart Real Estate Agent

Posted for you on:

POWERED BY PlizPlaz Logo

Save time& become thego-to Agent

Automated Posts, Reels& TikToks for the SmartReal Estate Agent

Posted for you on:

POWERED BY PlizPlaz Logo

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SIGN UP    •    SET UP    •    RELAX

Sign Up    •    Set Up    •    Relax

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We'll post effective & attractive content for you

You get back to being a real estate agent

Creating and posting content on your social media accounts can be a very time-consuming task and, being a busy agent, you have already too many things to do. PlizPlaz is the perfect solution for you to go back to closing deals instead of spending hours trying to keep your accounts active. With an ever-growing catalog of customizable content created by our team of professional social media marketers, designers, and copywriters, PlizPlaz will select a post every day and publish it on your accounts automatically. Every single day! Or you can select the days of the week you want us to post for you. You don't have to do anything, just sign up, choose your preferences and relax!

——————————————————  3-ITEM INTRO  ——————————————————

Grow your brand

Be the go-to expert in Real Estate

Become the preferred real estate agent with professional content that shows your expertise and builds your brand.

Stay top-of-mind

Get content for every day of the week

Show up daily on your social media networks and you'll be the first agent that comes to mind when your followers decide to sell or buy a home. You can choose what days of the week you want your content to be published.

Done for you

Save as much as 20 hours every month

Relax! Your content we'll be created, curated, customized, and published for you. That way you save time and money that you can use in other areas of your business.

———————————————— TESTIMONIAL 1 ———————————————–

"Instagram was just complicated and time-consuming. Now I get one post published every day, and I don't even need to think about it."


"I love it! It's given me renewed confidence because now my Instagram makes me look as professional as I am in the real world."


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———————————————– 4 BIG BENEFITS ———————————————–

Amazing content!


All PlizPlaz members get gorgeous and engaging content right out of the box, with the right balance of topics that include Buyers Tips, Sellers Tips, Statistics, Terminology, Design Tips, Homes Reviews, Inspiration, Humor, This Or That, Trivia Questions, Quotes, and more.

Set up once and done

Easily add customizations to your content

Personalize your texts by adding a signature to your captions. As an Expert or Genius member, you can use anything from your name and your phone number, to a call-to-action and a tagline. You can also add up to 8 hashtags that are relevant to you. And the best part is that you only need to set it up once and it will show on all your posts!

Choose your style

Select the color that goes with you

With an Expert Plan you can select one of our four color themes. Do you want to use your own colors? With a Genius Plan you can choose any color you like! The combinations are endless.

Build your image


Stand out and make sure your followers will remember you next time they need a real estate agent! As a Genius member, not only you can choose your own colors, we can add your headshot and your name to all of our designs. You can use your logo too.

Reach your audience


You can choose to have all of our designs in English or Spanish, or you can let our system alternate between languages each time. You can also have your captions in just one language or both!

Power Up with Videos

Reels & TikToks customized and posted for you

Image posts are still important to build your brand on social media, but networks are putting a strong focus on short video content, that's why with PlizPlaz you now can get short videos with your headshot and brand, scheduled and posted for you!

———————————————- 4 SMALL BENEFITS ———————————————-

Schedule Additional Content

Get access to PlizPlaz's Social Dashboard to add your own content and schedule it to be published in the future

Access to editing your content before posting

Edit the captions and hashtags, replace images, or simply let your posts get published on autopilot, as-is.

Exclusive Selection Each Month

Every PlizPlaz member gets their own, unique selection of posts each month

Connect up to 6 Social Accounts

Choose to get content posted for you on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business Profile & TikTok.

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———————————————- HOW IT WORKS ———————————————-

How it works

Take back your time in 3 easy steps

Choose the PlizPlaz membership that best suits your needs

Set up your content settings once and connect your social accounts

Relax! Images & videos will be posted in your social accounts automatically!

———————————————- TESTIMONIAL 2 ———————————————-

"Creating and scheduling content on social media was a big hassle for me. I am not a good writer so coming up with catchy captions was not easy, but now with PlizPlaz I don't even have to think about it."


"I highly recommend PlizPlaz to every real estate professional trying to elevate their business. It has saved me a lot of time, and now I can finally focus on converting leads into clients."


Free Sneak Peek

Do you want to see what our content looks like? Download a week worth of content, including captions and hashtags, completely FREE!

    *I'm ok with PlizPlaz's Privacy Policy and would like to receive periodic marketing tips, product updates, offers and promotions.

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    Sign up today!

    Get your first post within 24 hours!

    After connecting your accounts

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    "I wish I had found PlizPlaz sooner! My social media used to be completely inactive because I just didn't have the time to take care of it, now I don't have to! I can focus on reaching out to potential clients and taking care of the ones I already have."


    "I'm free! I was ok doing my own social media content, but it was taking a lot of valuable time that I could use doing proper real estate stuff! I highly recommend using PlizPlaz."